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  • The Joy of Christmas
    This collection magically weaves together some of the most peaceful, relaxing carols of the season with those that are more joyful. Neal's lyrical performance of the quieter carols uses bells, cello, soaring violins, haunting oboes and other instruments to bring about a truly spiritual experience. His arrangements of the lively, more joyful carols keeps this peaceful spirit alive by delicately balancing the volume of the mighty pipe organ with harpsichords, flutes, bells, and other quiet instruments. His graceful yet sparkling playing of these well known melodies and their interplay with his original descants makes this a truly wondrous listening experience.

  • Amazing Grace and other Traditional Hymns
    This superbly orchestrated collection of some of the most well known hymns of a generation ago makes full use of the spectrum of sound one might associate with both the power and the serenity of these beloved hymns. The varied texture of the music itself and the ways Neal Ewers brings forth both the power and the beauty of each selection may cause you to begin to hum and even, perhaps, to sing.

  • Into the Light
    These 22 selections are woven into a beautiful tapestry of warm, quiet sound designed to help all of us find that quiet place within ourselves we often need to reach.

  • Peace on Earth
    Quiet Sounds for the Christmas Season
    This CD, containing 22 selections, offers a reflective, very peaceful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

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